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Information partners

A private individual or a legal entity can become an information partner by signing a Partner Agreement with HUBHOST. The purpose of the partnership lies in client acquisition by means of placing advertising materials of the provider on the partner's resources.

Information partners receive up to 42% commission payments for services, paid for by the acquired client.

A partner can use the funds earned for paying for HUBHOST services or transfer the funds to their bank operating account.

  • When funds are withdrawn by a private individual, a commission of 13% (personal income tax) is charged + 2% (but no less than 60 RUB).
  • When funds are withdrawn by a legal entity or sole proprietor, a commission of 2% is charged (but no less than 60 RUB).

How can one become an information partner?

To become an information partner with HUBHOST, register in the "my account". Following the registration, activate the affiliate program in the "my account": "Client"->"Affiliate programs" section.

For a new client to be assigned to you, it is necessary to indicate the variable ref=[your id] in the URL
[Your id] can be found in the my account "Affiliate programs" section

Links examples:[you id] — for hosting[you id] – servers rental[you id] — domain registration[domain]&ref=[you id] – verifying, if a domain has been registered[domain]&ref=[you id] – WHOIS[you id] – SSL certificates page)?ref=[you id] – any page

All visitors, who use your link or a promo code, are considered your potential income. If a visitor makes an order for something with us, you will be remunerated with a percentage of all expenditures of said visitor. The link can be used in any way, convenient for you, for example, it may be placed on your site, in a blog or forum signature, it may be emailed to your friends and business partners, etc.