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Payment methods

Bank cards

We accept international payment systems bank cards, such as: Visa and MasterCard. Bank card payments are processed via Sberbank, PayPal, Yandex.Checkout and Robokassa with the aid of the SSL encryption  protocol.

In order to top up your personal account with the aid of a bank card, you need to:

  • Ensure there are sufficient funds available in the card.
  • Enter my account  in the section "Finance"→"Payments" and create a new payment by using the "New payment" button and follow the instructions.
  • It usually takes about 5 minutes for the funds to clear and the commission, based on the sum of payment is 0%.


Bank transfer

This payment method is suitable for companies and private individuals. Legal entities are provided with all required documents.

The payment is effected as per the invoice, rendered in the my account section, named "Finance"→"Payments". Prior to the rendering of the invoice, please fill in a corporate card or personal details.

After the invoice has been rendered, you can print it out or save it to file. Companies will be provided with a sample of a payment order with corporate details at the top of the invoice, stamped and signed by the manager, private individuals will be provided with an invoice and a receipt sample.

Clearing of funds, sent as a bank transfer takes up to 2 days, therefore in order to avoid service interruptions, it is recommended to forward a copy of the payment order (or receipt) to us after the payment has been effected via:

  • "Support center"→"Query list"
  • email to


YooMoney payment system

You can top up your personal account at any time and at any convenient place via the YMoney electronic payment system.

Required steps:

  • Register at the YMoney system.
  • Enter your personal account in the "Finance"→"Payments" section, create a new payment and follow the instructions.
  • You will be redirected to the YMoney payment system during one of the steps, where you will be able to make a payment.

There is no commission payable for payments, effected via the YMoney system.


Qiwi terminals

The QIWI terminal is one of the convenient methods of payment for HUBHOST services. These terminals may be found in almost every grocery store in Russia.

You need to follow these steps to make a payment via a QIWI terminal:

  • Enter your personal account in the "Finance"→"Payments" section, create a new payment.
  • Go to the nearest terminal in your town.
  • Choose "Accounts"→"Unpaid accounts" in the terminal menu.
  • Confirm a payment.

Funds clear in a personal account immediately.

The commission amount for the processing of funds depends on the payment terminal you choose.