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Dedicated server

By renting a server from our company, you can be sure of its high quality and extensive capabilities under favorable terms.

The cost of services depends on the selected configuration of the "off-the-shelf" server (it includes the hosting of the server, installation of the server on a rack and connection to the 100 Mb/s port).

"Off-the-shelf" server configuration

No. Processor Disk Memory IPMI Availability Price Make an order


Atom DualCore (D510) 320 GB
2 GB - - 3 380 RUB To order


Intel Core2Duo 2 x 500 GB
4 GB - 3-5
4 550 RUB To order
S4210 Intel Core2Quad 2 х 750 GB
4 GB - - 5 200 RUB To order
S7025 Intel Core i7 2 х 1.5 TB
8 GB - - 7 020 RUB
M8050 Intel Xeon E3-1270 (3.40 GHz) 2 х 1 TB
16 GB
+ - 9 620 RUB
M8056 Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 (3.5 GHz) 2 х 240 GB
16 GB
+ -

11 180 RUB


Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 (3.50 GHz) 2 x 3 TB
16 GB
+ - 12 610 RUB
M2622 2xIntel Xeon E5-2620 (2.00GHz) 2 х 240 GB
2 х 2 TB
64 GB
+ - 27 170 RUB

Additional options and services

Name of service Cost
Server administration 2500 RUB/month
OS installation free
OS reinstallation 1800 RUB
Additional IPv4 150 RUB/month
Additional IPv6 free
Network IPv6 /64 free
Network IPv6 /48 on demand
Administrator services 1100 RUB/hour
Remote access console (IP-KVM) 1 hour per day free, over 1 hour - 300 RUB/hour
DNS hosting free
DDOS protection available


Vesta Control Panel free
 ISPmanager 6 Lite control panel

420 RUB/month
Windows Server 2012 3652 RUB/month
Windows Server 2016 3652 RUB/month
Windows Server 2019 3652 RUB/month
RDS terminal license (1 user) 1317 RUB/month

Discounted SSL certificatesКупить


Incoming and outgoing traffic is provided free of charge. If you require a guaranteed dedicated channel, please, contact a Hubhost specialist.

If you require additional information, please,

The following is included in the server renting cost:

  1. installation of a dedicated server in a rack;
  2. rental of a switchboard port, selected by the client;
  3. one IPv4 address;
  4. manual restart of the dedicated server as per the client's request;
  5. replacement of all faulty components of the server (including SSD storage) throughout the entire hosting validity period, if a fault was not caused by the actions of the user.

Servers are connected directly to HUBHOST trunk equipment, which guarantees their high accessibility to the Internet.

Server administration

If a client has any questions regarding server administration or if the client made an error and assistance is required, it is possible to be referred to company specialists, who will be able to assist in solving the issue.

Cost of the service - 1100 RUB/hour, minimum order time - 30 minutes (550 RUB)

Server management

One of the best control panels for virtual server management. All main management operations are completed in a few clicks Details..

Preinstalled software

When a virtual dedicated server is ordered, we offer our clients the installation of the most popular operating systems distribution:     


Apart from operating systems offered, it is also possible to install other operating systems (32 and 64-bit operating systems are available).