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We suggest that you utilize this service for the hosting of a virtual dedicated server for projects, requiring high-quality computational resources.

VDS (virtual dedicated server), provides for the fundamental capabilities of a physical server at a favorable price.

A virtual dedicated server is a universal solution for:

  • hosting sites and projects, requiring high capacity and number of visits;
  • building new projects;
  • expanding projects. The optimal combination of resources will allow you to utilize the entire capabilities of the virtual server.
  • sizeable or substantial capacity projects. You may host not one, but a few resources at the same time

Choose a diskHDD + SSD-cache
VDS-Calm VDS-Storm VDS-Typhoon VDS-Tornado
ProcessorvCPU 1х2400 MHz Intel Xeon 2х2400 MHz Intel Xeon 2х2400 MHz Intel Xeon 4х2400 MHz Intel Xeon
MemoryRAM 512 Mb (up to 1024 Mb) 1024 Mb (up to 2048 Mb) 2048 Mb (up to 8192 Mb) 4096 Mb (up to 12288 Mb)
Hard driveHDD + SSD 20 Gb (up to 60 Gb) 20 Gb (up to 90 Gb) 30 Gb (up to 250 Gb) 30 Gb (up to 250 Gb)
Virtualization KVM KVM KVM KVM
Unlimited traffic 1000Mb/s 1000Mb/s 1000Mb/s 1000Mb/s
IPv6 + + + +
IPv4 + + + +
ISPManager Lite 14 days free 14 days free 14 days free 14 days free
Location Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow
price / month 266 RUB 411 RUB 484 RUB 837 RUB
when paid 3 months in advance 259 RUB 398 RUB 468 RUB 807 RUB
when paid 12 months in advance 253 RUB 387 RUB 454 RUB 779 RUB
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VDS-Calm VDS-Storm VDS-Typhoon VDS-Tornado
ProcessorvCPU 1х2400 MHz Intel Xeon 2х2400 MHz Intel Xeon 2х2400 MHz Intel Xeon 4х2400 MHz Intel Xeon
MemoryRAM 512 Mb (up to 1024 Mb) 1024 Mb (up to 2048 Mb) 2048 Mb (up to 8192 Mb) 4096 Mb (up to 12288 Mb)
Hard driveSSD 5 Gb (up to30 Gb) 20 Gb (up to60 Gb) 30 Gb (up to80 Gb) 30 Gb (up to 120 Gb)
Virtualization KVM KVM KVM KVM
Unlimited traffic 1000Mb/s 1000Mb/s 1000Mb/s 1000Mb/s
IPv6 + + + +
IPv4 + + + +
ISPManager Lite 14 days free 14 days free 14 days free 14 дней бесплатно
Location Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow
price / month 279 RUB 526 RUB 657 RUB 1010 RUB
when paid 3 months in advance 272 RUB 509 RUB 634 RUB 972 RUB
when paid 12 months in advance 265 RUB 493 RUB 613 RUB 938 RUB
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Any tariff plan may be extended when an order is made: you may increase RAM, disk size, number of processors and IP addresses. A non-guaranteed 1000 Mb/s channel is provided. 

Additional VPS server options

Name of service Cost
Server administration 2500 RUB/month
OS installation free
OS reinstallation free
IPv4 address 100 RUB/month
IPv6 address free
Administrator services 1100 RUB/month
SSL certificates discounted
DNS hosting free
DDOS protection available


Vesta Control Panel free
ISPManager Lite control panel 420 RUB/month
ISPManager Business control panel 1260 RUB/month
Windows Server 2012 1198 RUB/month
Windows Server 2016 1198 RUB/month
Windows Server 2019 1198 RUB/month
RDS terminal license (1 user) 379 RUB/month

If you require additional information, please, email: info@hubhost.ru

Server administration

Technical consultation - free.

Please, refer to company specialists, if you require assistance with regard to VPS server administration, they will assist you regarding any matter.

Cost of service - 1100 RUB/hour

Server management

Server management is available via SSH or the VMmanager web interface.

Capabilities of the WEB panel:

  • Reinstallation of the operating system.
  • Server reset.
  • Installation of software: ISPmanager Lite, Vesta Control Panel, LAMP, Django,  Openvpn, Redmine, Teamspeak, Tomcat, Bitrix Env, Bitrix Env Crm.
  • VNC desktop.
  • Server load statistics.

KVM virtualization

Hardware virtualization. You shall receive a portion of the genuine dedicated server.

Preinstalled software

When a virtual dedicated server is ordered, we offer our clients the installation of the most popular operating systems distribution:      


Apart from operating systems offered, it is possible to install other operating systems (32 and 64-bit OS options are offered).

  • Reliability
  • Benefits
  • Advantages
  • Convenience
  • Control panel

Reliable VPS hosting

Modern virtualization KVM
Reliable storage SAS + SSD Cache RAID
Network equipment Cisco
Powerful equipment Supermicro, Intel, AMD, NVidia
UpTime 99.95%

Powerful and reliable virtual servers constitute a choice for professionals. By using modern virtualization technology together with reliable and powerful equipment, we have created a service for the "hosting of a VPS server" of the highest quality. Provided resources for the purposes of VPS hosting are fully guaranteed and are supported at the virtualization technology level.

Using SAS disks, assembled in a RAID array (redundant array of independent disks, connected by fast channels), provides for:

  • the high security of data storage;
  • the high speed of reading and writing of data.

Advantages of a VPS server

Root rights
Operational system CentOS 6, 7, 8, 9
Debian 8, 9, 10
FreeBSD 11, 12
Ubuntu Server 16.04, 18.04, 20.04
Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2
Control panel ISPmanager 5 Lite
Vesta Control Panel
Completely isolated

VPS server (Virtual Private Server) or VDS server (Virtual Dedicated Server) represents a computer, which can be used as several independent and completely unconnected servers.

Compared to usual virtual hosting, this system provides clients with various opportunities:

  • a completely isolated operating system under your management and root access;
  • you are assigned with fixed resources: not only disk space, but also random access memory and CPU time;
  • you can configure the parameters, which determine the operation of the system, by yourself;
  • installation of necessary system libraries;
  • deleting, adding and correcting files, which are currently in the system;
  • installation of required software;
  • your own IP address;
  • convenient control panel, which allows you to manage and take control of your server, as well as trace its load.

As a reminder, the system is fully configured. You can make additions and alterations if required.

The advantage of a VPS compared to a dedicated server is that all system support is the responsibility of the hosting provider.

Therefore, the renting of a VPS server provides you with practically the same capabilities and capacity, as a dedicated server, however this service is much more convenient, flexible and easier to manage.

Cheap VPS hosting

Low prices from 266 RUB/month
Discounts, one year or longer
Tailored tariffs

We affirm, that VPS hosting, provided by HUBHOST is truly a favorable offer; our price is substantially lower than the rental of a dedicated server.

We understand the responsibility of a correct hosting choice and are taking steps towards you, our client. These steps shall help you in making your choice:

  • we have developed a convenient tariff scale, which differs in size regarding random access and disk memory, as well as CPU clock speed;
  • tariffs may be selected, taking your projects requirements into consideration and not paying extra for unused resources;
  • by ordering any tariff for a duration longer, than one year, you shall receive an additional discount.

However this is not all…

If you are not completely sure of the technical advantages and unprecedented benefits of our offers, we provide you with an opportunity to order a VPS server for a test period, in other words, you can use it for 3 days completely free of charge. During this time, you will be able to appreciate all its advantages in practice.

Convenient VDS / VPS hosting

The issue regarding the correct hosting choice is always pressing for site owners. All sites, as per hosting requirements, can be divided into the three following groups.

In other words, VPS hosting is required for projects, which:

  • have outgrown initial small sites and now available resources are not sufficient;
  • were initially developed with consideration of large loads;
  • require higher security and isolation from other clients.

Mostly these are online stores, large portals and similar projects, run within the framework of small and medium business.

Control panel

Control panel Vesta Control Panel ISPmanager
5 Lite
Apache web server management
Database management
Mail management
Backup management
(included by default)
Cashing system OPcache XCache или OPcache
(included by default)
File manager
(paid function)
Automatic CMS installation No
Installation of additional services from the panel No
Perl, Python No
Website builder No Site.pro
(included by default)
Several PHP versions No
(included by default)
DBMS PostgreSQL No
(included by default)
Price (per month) Free 420 RUB