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SSL Certificates

A SSL certificate is a unique digital signature of your site, necessary for ensuring a secure connection between a client and the server, which is especially important, when transferring confidential information and conducting financial transactions.

There are several certification centers, offering a whole range of SSL certificates to meet your every need. We have selected the most reliable.

Certification Authorities:


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No certificates matching all filter conditions were found.
Sectigo Free SSL
is free
Sectigo PositiveSSL best price
от 499 RUB/year
from 713 RUB/year
RapidSSL Standard
from 1 060 RUB/year
Sectigo Essential SSL
from 1 395 RUB/year
Thawte SSL 123
from 2 790 RUB/year
Geotrust Quick SSL Premium
from 5 580 RUB/year
GlobalSign DomainSSL
from 15 442 RUB/year
GlobalSign AlphaSSL
from 4 096 RUB/year
Sectigo Instant SSL
from 3 376 RUB/year
Thawte SSL Web Server
from 5 803 RUB/year
Geotrust True BusinessID
from 6 863 RUB/year
GlobalSign OrganizationSSL
from 20 196 RUB/year
Sectigo EV SSL Certificate New!
from 11 558 RUB/year
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV
from 16 182 RUB/year
Thawte SSL Web Server with EV
from 18 972 RUB/year
GlobalSign ExtendedSSL
from 52 074 RUB/year
Symantec Secure Site with EV
from 73 879 RUB/year
Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV
from 110 372 RUB/year
Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard New!
от 6 720 RUB/year
from 10 454 RUB/year
Sectigo Essential SSL WildCard
from 8 593 RUB/year
RapidSSL Wildcard
from 11 495 RUB/year
GlobalSign AlphaSSL Wildcard
from 15 740 RUB/year
GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard
from 47 123 RUB/year

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SSL certificates

Currently, the Internet is not only a means for the exchange of information, but also a means for making purchases, processing of documents and other activities, which require protection from fraudsters. A SSL (secure socket layer) certificate is designed to ensure this security.

Thus, a SSL is the protocol for the transfer of encrypted data. It was invented in 1996 when online trade started to actively develop. A SSL certificate is somewhat of a "passport" for a site, an electronic document, confirming the "identity" of the server. The main purpose of a SSL certificate is to secure a cryptographic connection according to SSL protocol between the server and the user's browser.

How can one choose the correct SSL certificate

As per the level of trust, certificates are divided into three large groups.  A Domain Validation SSL certificate will be sufficient for a site, where only domain verification is required, it is issued almost immediately and requires email validation. This type of certificates is priced the lowest.

A SSL certificate of the next level up is only issued to organizations, a private individual is not able to obtain it. The legality of the organization, which owns the domain, is verified for OV (Organization Validation) certificates. It will take approximately a week to obtain this type of SSL certificate.

An EV (Extended Validation) certificate is issued as per the results of a detailed verification of the domain and organization. It takes up to two weeks for the certificate to be issued. The extended validation of a SSL certificate achieves the maximum level of trust to the site on behalf of the users. A site, protected by this certificate is marked with a green section in the address bar of a browser. An SSL EV certificate costs more compared to the aforementioned products.

A Wildcard or a multidomain SSL shall be described separately, as it secures all subdomains. OV, DV and EV certificates can act as multidomain certificates. The choice of a SSL certificate shall depend on the purposes, intended for the site and future prospects. It may not be necessary to aim high in the very beginning.

Sometimes issues, associated with obtaining a SSL certificate, arise. The most reported problem is associated with using the certificate for a different domain and not the domain, it was purchased for. To avoid said issues, it is sufficient to be attentive when choosing a type of certificate and to take great care once working with it.

How to purchase a SSL certificate

It is possible to obtain a SSL certificate free of charge for a short duration of time (in this instance, 30 days free of charge), however you will have to purchase a certificate, if you require a decent SSL certificate with a minimum validity of one year. Certification centers, the most acclaimed of which are Thawte, Comodo and Verisign are engaged in selling said products, however they specialize in bulk sales, therefore it will be much more cost-effective to purchase said certificates from their partners, such as HUBHOST.

We can separately mention a SSL certificate, offered by Comodo out of all products on offer for its entry level minimal fee. Furthermore, it is necessary to mention a SSL certificate, offered by Thawte for domain support of national languages.

What are keys and what are they needed for

The generation of any SSL certificate starts with the generation of two keys - public and private (secret). The private key is installed on the server. Information, received from the user encoded/decoded by these keys, ensures the safety of data. It is necessary to remember, that if a secret key is lost, the certificate will stop operating.

A CSR (certificate signing request), which contains encrypted information about the domain and organization is used as the base for the generation of a certificate. It is possible to generate a CSR by means of a specialized program or via an online CSR generator, it is also possible to view the decrypted data via the online CSR decoder. You may order a SSL certificate from

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