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SSL Certificates with Organization Verification [OV]

GlobalSign OrganizationSSL


Проверка 1-2 дня

Organization Validation

No documents required

Domain protection with www and without

Free reissue

Dynamic seal of trust

Supported by smartphones

Unlimited number of servers

Green address bar

1 250 000$ Guarantee

Email / DNS / HTTP Hash validation

RSA and ECC encryption algorithm

Validity period:

20 196 RUB
within 3-5 minutes
Domain validation SSL certificate issuance within just 5 minutes via the friendly interface of an automated system. No documents, return call or organization verification is required.
Low price
100% guarantee
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Free SSL
90 days for free
Test your 90-day trial SSL certificate prior to purchasing one, to check the working capacity of the certificate. 99.9% support by personal computers and mobile browsers. Unlimited extensions.
30-day guarantee
Our primary task is the satisfaction of the clients' needs. Receive a full refund within 30 days for the purchase of any 100% guarantee SSL certificates.