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Sectigo Free SSL


Express issue in 3-5 minutes

Organization Validation

No documents required

Domain protection with www and without

Free reissue

Without seal of trust

Supported by smartphones

Unlimited number of servers

Green address bar

0$ Guarantee

Email / DNS / HTTP Hash validation

RSA and ECC encryption algorithm

Dear Clients! Starting March 10, 2022, Sectigo and DigiCert (Thawte, RapidSSL, GeoTrust) have decided to limit all orders from the Russian Federation.
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Sectigo Free SSL certificate is a domain validation certificate, supported by the SHA-2 hashing algorithm and a green lock sign in the address bar. Use Sectigo Free SSL whenever you need to, but bear in mind that it needs to be renewed once every 3 months. It offers the same capabilities as the certificates, you need to pay for and it also properly functions without restrictions.

This certificate is best known for its quality, and its technological characteristics do not fall short of the Sectigo PositiveSSL or Essential SSL characteristics. The Sectigo Free SSL certificate is equipped with a 256-bit encryption and is 100% compatible with any browser or mobile device. It takes 3 minutes to obtain a certificate; therefore you can start using it immediately. This option ensures the excellent working characteristics of the product in a very short space of time. 

Picture 1. Example of an address bar

SSL domain validation certificate

Private individuals, legal entities and government companies can obtain a certificate. Absolutely no documents are required. Confirm that the domain name belongs to you via any of the following approved methods: email, CNAME or hash-file for the HTTP protocol. Following the completion of the verification, the owner receives the certificate in minutes.

Seal of trust for the web resource

Each Sectigo Free SSL certificate is supplied with a free safety logo, which informs users that the resource is properly protected from hacker attacks. The logo is available in two formats - PNG and GIF (transparent transmission mode). Increasing the trust to your resource will boost the number of conscientious clients and sales. This is an example, how the brand safety logo shall be displayed on your web resource:

Comodo Free SSL

Improvement of the site position in the Google rating system

All website owners will be delighted to hear that every resource, protected by an active SSL certificate may improve its ranking in Google search results. We expect for organization and extended validation certificates to considerably increase its position in the ranking compared to domain validation certificates.  However, these are insignificant changes to the Google algorithm.

Devices, compatible with the certificate

Each large company, engaged in online sales, shall be in the possession of its own certificate, compatible with browsers, mobile devices and server platforms. A 90-day trial version of the Sectigo product is compatible with 99.6% off all available devices. The highest compatibility markers are required for the installation of the intermediate certificate. Take a minute of your time and study the entire list of devices, supported by the certificate, by clicking on this link.

Comparing Sectigo PositiveSSL with other SSL certificates

Choosing the correct SSL certificate is a very difficult task for every website owner, taking into account the wide array of such products, offered by different brands, which are very difficult to distinguish amongst. HUBHOST specialists have compiled a professional comparative characteristic of our certificates for perplexed clients, which will aid in making the correct decision. Please, bear in mind, that when choosing a certificate, one needs to most importantly pay attention not to its price, but the warranty amount, server licensing and reissue conditions.

within 3-5 minutes
Domain validation SSL certificate issuance within just 5 minutes via the friendly interface of an automated system. No documents, return call or organization verification is required.
Low price
100% guarantee
Have you found a better price? HUBHOST guarantees one of the lowest prices for SSL certificates. Save on price. Enjoy favourable terms.
Free SSL
90 days for free
Test your 90-day trial SSL certificate prior to purchasing one, to check the working capacity of the certificate. 99.9% support by personal computers and mobile browsers. Unlimited extensions.
7-day guarantee
Our primary task is the satisfaction of the clients' needs. Receive a full refund within 7 days for the purchase of any 100% guarantee SSL certificates.