CSR Simple Online Decoder with CSR Changeability
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Online CSR decoder

Prior to ordering a certificate, it is recommended to decode the CSR to verify the correctness of the data. The online CSR decoder has been supplied for this exact purpose. If you are trying to purchase an SSL certificate, making use of the incorrect CSR, in the best case scenario, you will waste time and in the worst case, lose money.

Make sure, that your CSR starts with "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----"

This tool will help you get information from a CSR request. To decode CSR, enter your code in the field below.

If the CSR decoder provided data, matching the required data, it indicates that all is correct and it is now possible to order a SSL certificate. If the data does not match or has not been decoded, then it is necessary to alter the CSR, or preferably generate it once again.

All SSL (secure protocol) certificates are assigned with a designated area of operation (domain and subdomains) and validity period. During the validity period of the certificate and whilst utilized at the correct addresses, the user shall not observe any suspicious warning messages when entering the site and shall enjoy the trust in the resource. If notifications do appear, it indicates that issues, associated with the installed SSL certificate are present.

The issue may be related to the expiry of the validity period; hence the validity period of the certificate shall need to be extended. The issue may also arise if the certificate is utilized for a new domain, which was not taken into consideration when the purchase was effected. Decoding the CSR of the SSL in operation is the first step in resolving the issue.