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Domain Validated SSL Certificates [DV]

Geotrust Quick SSL Premium


Validation within 8 minutes

Organization Validation

No documents required

Domain protection with www and without

Free reissue

Dynamic seal of trust

Supported by smartphones

Unlimited number of servers

Green address bar

500 000$ Guarantee

Email / DNS / HTTP Hash validation

RSA and ECC encryption algorithm

Dear Clients! Starting March 10, 2022, Sectigo and DigiCert (Thawte, RapidSSL, GeoTrust) have decided to limit all orders from the Russian Federation.

Validity period:

9 980 RUB

Do you need a classic SSL certificate? We advise to view the QuickSSL Premium certificate from GeoTrust. The product guarantees 256-bit encryption on all PC's, mobile devices and browsers in order to ensure the safety of the web resource. Now users of the site can forget about alert notifications from browsers regarding the connection not being secure.

Picture 1. Example of an address bar

You will receive your certificate within 5-8 minutes following the validation of the domain name via email. It is possible to obtain this product at any convenient time due to the 24/7 automated validation process. A green lock sign (not to be confused with the green address bar) is the confirmation of activation of the certificate, this will instantaneously assure the user that the resource is secure.Follow this link in order to obtain the extensive information about the QuickSSL Multi-Domain certificate, if you require a product with SAN comprehensive support.

Domain name validation

Domain name validation takes place instantly, as no documents nor confirmation is required to prove that you are the rightful owner of the domain. Any commercial organizations, government companies and private individuals may obtain this certificate without any limitations. 

Site safety logo

The protection of the web resource is confirmed by a special logo, informing users that it is safe to use the site without any risk of stumbling upon fraudsters. Verified information shall become available when the logo sign is clicked. We advise to place the logo on the most visited pages of the site, for example, the main page, contact information or the order page. This is an example, how the brand safety logo shall be displayed on your web resource:

Geotrust Quick SSL Premium

Improvement of the site position in the Google rating system

Google is changing the search system algorithm, meaning that web resources, protected by valid SSL certificates deserve more trust and enjoy higher ranking. The changes, frankly speaking, are going to be insignificant. We expect for organization and extended validation certificates to considerably increase its position in the ranking compared to domain validation certificates. 

Unrivalled compatibility

Nowadays, new browsers and devices are unveiled daily; therefore it is important for certificates to possess 100% compatibility with most models. The GeoTrust company undertakes all necessary efforts for their products to be supported by any existing devices. Follow this link to view the entire list of devices, compatible with QuickSSL Premium from GeoTrust.

Comparing QuickSSL Premium from GeoTrust with other products.

If you experience difficulties in choosing the appropriate certificate, use our comparative characteristic of products on offer, which is available in the following link. Here you can compare QuickSSL Premium with alternative products by GeoTrust or domain validation certificates from other companies. 

within 3-5 minutes
Domain validation SSL certificate issuance within just 5 minutes via the friendly interface of an automated system. No documents, return call or organization verification is required.
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100% guarantee
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7-day guarantee
Our primary task is the satisfaction of the clients' needs. Receive a full refund within 7 days for the purchase of any 100% guarantee SSL certificates.